Art and Design Curriculum Statement


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all children are equipped with the creative knowledge and skills needed to be confident when experimenting, inventing and creating their own artwork.

Children will gain a critical understanding of different techniques and artists and be able to discuss these using a rich vocabulary.

They will be able to make links between art and design and different historical periods and cultural developments.


Art and design is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum.

Children across all years groups are given knowledge about key artists and their place in history and culture, alongside developing the skills needed to create their own work. Children use sketchbooks to collect their ideas and to record their evaluations and analyses. They are encouraged to question and explore, both independently and as members of groups. Children’s learning is often inspired by, or linked to stories. When possible, children are provided with the opportunity to meet local artists, or to visit galleries.


Children’s access to art and design teaching enables them to master the skills necessary to use a wide range of materials to create their own work. They have the rich vocabulary necessary to be able to critically evaluate work and record these observations within their sketchbooks (particularly within KS2). They have secure knowledge of key artists, designers and architects within history.