At The Flourish Federation we hold children’s safety as our highest priority. This is why we take the matter of e-Safety very seriously and employ an extensive e-Safety programme. We seek to ensure that children across the school become increasingly aware of how to keep themselves safe on-line, protect their identity, recognise cyber-bullying and what to do about it. For more details read our e-Safety policy.

Below are a few websites we would like to sign-post you to so that you are better informed and armed with the resources you need to integrate e-Safety into your households.

You may also like to consider having a family agreement for device and Internet use at home. Follow these links for Family Agreement Advice and a Family Agreement Template.

We hope you will take some time to explore these resources and think about how you will approach e-Safety at home.

Think You Know is a comprehensive website with a wide range of e-Safety resources relevant to children from age 5 to 14+ with fun, interactive activities and videos. There is also a parents area with some great ideas on how to approach e-Safety with your children.

Childnet is another useful site which provides lots of useful resources for both children and parents designed to be both fun and informative.

Qustodio is a really useful way of monitoring and controlling how your children use their devices.